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Friday, March 24, 2006

Update on the Hamster Boy

This week has been tough, primarily for Hayden and myself. The poor little guy has been wheezing like an old car and has been coughing some, too. He has been taking the study medicine with real gusto, so that is good. On Wednesday, I went and picked up the nebulizer and the Ventolin from the pharmacy right behind our place (thank goodness they had everything I needed, because I was car-less (surprise) and couldn't face trying to bus it around). He had three doses of Ventolin about three hours apart each and by the time dinner rolled around, he was positively crazed. He looked like he'd been on a bender for three nights, subsisting on nothing but crack and cigarettes. His little eyes had dark red circles under them, he was shaking and jittery, whining and couldn't sleep at all. I know very well these effects of this drug, so Doug and I decided no more. Just for shits and giggles, though, he decided to cut his top tooth - so probably most of his complaining has been due to that. Here is a photo of him with his little mask on. Children's gave me this one before we left Tuesday night and I didn't notice until I opened it that it looked like the head of a dinosaur!

We haven't had a lot of sleep here (well, I haven't ~ hubby's been snoring like a psycho in accompaniment to Hayden's fussing). I feel like I will drop soon.

Here's a photo of Hayden and his new "uggie" (which we regularly have to pry away from Kestrel):

"The Nutty Professor"!

Ahhhh....this, too shall pass. Just wish this poor little guy could get a break!

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Anonymous said...

Poor little guy!!! I love that "uggie" where did you get it?