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Monday, March 27, 2006

Phoenix From the Flames

Wow! The last few weeks have really.....SUCKED! Combine a "minor" house renovation with allergy/asthma trouble, sore foot, sore wrist, a cold and cough, "girly" trouble, lower back pain, sick baby, teething baby, sick teenager, rambunctious three year old, crippled up hubby (from painting) and you get several weeks of hellish torment. Poor Hayden's naps have been utterly destoyed and I have been really irked that all of my hard work from the last couple of months has been ruined. It's like watching someone stomp on your sandcastle at the beach.

Once I got over my initial real worry about Hayden and his breathing and that all seemed to settle down, I realized that he had indeed been abducted by aliens and had been temporarily replaced by some sort of demon spawn, perhaps from another dimension. He has been utterly miserable (and I mean MIZ-RUH-BULL) and not because of being sick. His two top teeth have decided to emerge and he has sat there for hours making this really obnoxious pigeonlike sound over and over until my ears are bleeding and OH GOD MAKE IT STOP! If I ever wanted to torture someone, I would make them listen to that noise. One day I will try and capture it on video so you can hear just what it sounds like. It ain't pretty.

I ended up having to take him to our family doctor for a follow up on the bronchiolitis and when there I asked her about the weaning situation. One of the things I really like about my doctor is she is very non-alarmist. She was totally unconcerned about it and she gave me a different sample of formula to try in case that was his problem with drinking it. I also told her I wasn't giving up on the nursing (in fact, since he's been sick, he's actually been nursing more again) and she was very supportive. She also suggested that since he gets formula in his cereal twice a day, if I am concerned about hydration then I can give him watery fruits, eg. melon, grapes - which I though was brilliant considering he loves to feed himself so much now. So my mind is at rest on this issue for now.

My house is starting to look normal again and other than some furniture rearranging which is now vital, I am really liking the change. I was ambivalent about it at first, but as the paint has gone up and things have started to really look finished, I find I am growing ever fonder of it. Really all we did was take out one wall and put in sliding French doors and reduce the size of this one closet that jutted into the living room. We also added some crown molding to the living room which makes an incredible difference, I must say. But we have a long way to go before I will feel like the house is clean again and sorted out. Sigh. So much to do, so little energy. I'll try and get some pictures up, but I'll have to find some "before" photos otherwise it won't mean much to you.

Hayden is doing really well, developmentally and only a few more days before he is out of the Mitchells during the day - YIPPEE!! Here is a list of some of the things he has been up to lately:

- eating real solids, i.e. peas, dried fruit, apple pieces, dill pickle, carrot
- trying soooo hard to crawl! Nearly there!
- waving bye-bye, but with the open and close hand, not the arm flap
- tries to mimic a lot of sounds, eg. me sneezing, "dada"
- lifts his arms to be picked up

And he is such a BOY! He is constantly after the remote control (his "precioussss", as we call it!) and he will stretch and contort himself to reach it (Rubberman indeed!) Check out this video of him watching Mighty Machines! Is it genetic or what?! Also, here is a photo series of him doing what I consider a pretty good trick (I referenced it in a previous post). I figure he will be on his feet the instant he is out of the brace!

And don't think I didn't get a little video of him doing this!

Last, but not least, I need to address the Hamster Boy's obsession with my hair. I have never been one of those people that liked her hair touched or stroked or played with, which is one of the reasons I have kept it deliberately short over the years. But by some stroke of utter laziness on my part, I didn't get it cut for a year and voila! I have some longish locks happening, which my son WON'T LEAVE ALONE! He continually reaches for it - strokes it, runs his fingers through it, pulls it and hubby informed me that he is even reaching for it in his sleep. He gets mad at me if I roll over and put my back to him where he can't reach it. (Yes, he's in our bed for half the night still!) If I want him to be quiet, I simply place a chunk of my hair in his hand and he hypnotically touches it. Weird. I have been bugging hubby by telling him that Hayden is going to be a hairdresser when he grows up! Seriously, I need some free haircare here.

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments and support over the last little while. It has really helped me a lot and if there was ever a person who needs to keep perspective, it's me. I have a tendency toward depression and there was a point in my life that was so bad, I swore to never feel that bad again...but when I let stress get the better of me I can feel myself drifting towards that path and it really helps to have friends (in the flesh or cyber-friends) who I can count on for a lift. So from the bottom of my heart...thank you.


Jenn said...

Hey there!

I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for you, the tone of this post really seems so much happier than before!

Hayden is adorable, I love to look at the pictures you post. As for the pigeon noises, soon as Mary had four teeth to grind together she did, and that is a noise that I would not wish on my worst enemy, she still does it, especially when she is teething another tooth, and it drives me bonkers. Needless to say, I totally feel your pain.

Jody said...

He is so cute I want to gobble him up!

Quinn has an ortho appointment in 2 weeks, and it looks like we will put him back into the DBB at night. I really think it is necessary, so we are preparing him for it. I need to go back and look at Haydens and see if we can get one like it. He is not too happy about it.