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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lazy April Days

Today hubby and I took the little kids down to Granville Island for the morning. The teenager has to be at school all day to day for play practice (she's one of the techies), and I mean all day, until 8:00pm! The weather today has been very sunny and warm with a slight breeze, so Heather thinks that a cableknit sweater is the way to go. Duh. Granville Island....under a bridge....on the water...umm, cold breeze? I pretty near froze and was getting an earache while hubby chased the three year old around the playground. But, stupidity aside, we had something to eat, bought some fresh produce and wandered through the Kids Market for a bit before we went home.

After that, the kids went down for naps, I did about 20 minutes of my Tae Bo DVD before I gave up due to lack of adequate space for exercising and resumed knitting on a project my mom and I are working on.

At the end of May, Hayden and I will be participating in a fundraising event for orthopaedics. There will be a short walk that I have actually enrolled Hayden in (even though I'll be walking and he'll be wheelin') because I figure I can get more sponsors that way! Without orthopaedics, my son would probably either never walk, or may have walked on the tops of his feet. Clubfoot is just one of the things that orthopaedics takes care of and I'd like to do my part to ensure that our orthopaedics department stays running smoothly and has access to state of the art equipment if required. So, that being said, the event is called Hip Hip Hooray and will be on May 28th. Donations are more than welcome and my mom and I are knitting a blanket to donate. I'll post a picture of it once it's complete.

Hayden has become more vocal as he has become more mobile and now often breaks out in a shout, particularly if he has discovered something he was ingesting is now gone. It is quite comedic, really! Can you believe he is ten months old already? He is still such a little snuggle bug and many times when I pick him up, he almost melts into me. These are moments that I savour and try to lock into my memory, particularly since I won't experience them again. I have an appointment on May 23rd for a tubal ligation and I am actually looking forward to it. Not having to worry about birth control anymore? Priceless. As much as the emotional side of me tells me I could have another baby, I know that at almost 38 years of age, that I truly could not handle the sleep deprivation, the loss of myself, the sacrifice.... And seeing how much strain children can put on a marriage, I don't think ours would survive another member. So. Onward and upward my friends! Talk to me in five years and see if I regret the decision!

Yo homeboy!

Yo homegirl!


Jody said...

Cute hat!

I am checking out the link and might have something to donate too.

Anne said...

I'm lovin' the hat!

You look FABULOUS!!!

(the kids are cute too lol)