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Monday, May 22, 2006

A Black Band Around my Arm

I'm grieving. No, nobody has died in my world, not a person anyway. Last night was the...choke....series finale of Charmed. Tonight is the series finale of Alias. My heart is heavy. I have watched both of these shows from the very beginning and now they are over. And all I have to look forward to for viewing is (vomit) Reality Television. A scourge to TV-Land and a pox on my life. So that's it. All of my "butt-kicking-girl shows" are done; Dark Angel lasted two seasons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer lasted seven seasons, Alias has lasted five seasons and Charmed made it for eight. Alas, they are no more. Oh, I'll watch the reruns, but it won't be the same as anticipating a new episode week after week. Let's have a moment of silence....

I know it is hard to imagine an almost 38-year-old enjoying these shows so much and being so upset that they are finished, but I'll be honest with ya. Contrary to what "experts" say about television numbing your mind and filling your head with garbage and making you sloth, my experience with t.v. has been quite the opposite (except of course where reality t.v. is concerned). The shows I have selected to watch have helped to enhance my imagination and further my creativity. If I want to learn, I read; if I want to create, I watch t.v. It's as simple as that for me. I don't like nature shows or anything educational. It's too much like being in a classroom and if I have a choice about that, I choose an actual classroom, not my living room. I am a creative being and I need those outlets on a regular basis. I have never really gotten into the more mainstream shows such as Sex in the City (can't stand Sarah Jessica Parker's bobble-head with the GIANT mole on her face anyway), I came into Friends late in the game (but soon caught up since it's been in syndication forever), I got lured into Dawson's Creek when I was up breastfeeding my daughter early every morning a few years back and there was nothing else on at that time of day. (Still trying to see that elusive final episode so I can tie things together.) Shows like Survivor make me want to cut my own arms and legs off. I don't see how eating bugs and animal scrotum is entertainment. But that's another rant. I don't judge you reality show watchers because hey, if you like that thing - all the power to you. And obviously you aren't the only one, with the amount of RT that is out there now. (Here is where I confess that one of my guilty pleasures is ANTM, so now I sound like a hypocrite!)

Anyway, I am hoping that something interesting will come up to replace what I have lost. Otherwise I may have to boycott television altogether and just buy the season sets on DVD! (I could easily become a hermit that way!)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Hamster Boy.

There's nothing really new to report on the HB front (hence why I have been rambling for three days). He's crawling like a demon, still not bearing weight on his feet and working on honing that temper for full effect. He's very lovey and hugs me a lot. He's even giving spontaneous kisses on my face; big slobbering mwahs that make me want to cry, it's so cute! His feet look good and I am very diligent about putting on his FAB and leaving it on if necessary. It doesn't bother him to wear it, so why not? His left foot looks like it may be a harder battle. In a natural resting pose, it tends to look turned in still - but I'll follow that up with Dr. Pirani next visit. When I move the foot over and flex it - it moves freely and looks great. So perhaps I am just being paranoid.

Off to find the next "good" show....

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