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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Still Here

Sorry - I've been kind of sick this week with a weird cold that has mainly affected my throat and voice. I was sniffly for a day but that was it other than feeling quite fatigued, particularly in this heat. So in a nutshell, here is what has been going on lately around here:

- I've been working on a "Year in Review" post about Hayden's first twelve months, but it seems to be taking me forever.

- I have been feeling antisocial and kind of in a funk.

- I fell off the sugar wagon and have been paying for it dearly. I've been wandering around my house like a crazed junkie looking for hidden sweets that aren't 100 years old.

- I did something very very bad to the family car. Hubby is extremely choked and it will be in the *cough* $3,000 range to fix. I couldn't possibly feel stupider, considering it was a clear case of Heather against the concrete corner. Nope - no other cars involved and no bodily damage to any of the car's occupants. Just our poor, poor car.

- Hayden has been starting to repeat words now and will say "Hi Dad", "Dada" and "Mumum". He still shouts out "BACKPACK" and "MAP" at the Dora show. The other day as I was feeding him his dinner, he started tilting his head to the side and I thought he might be sleepy, but I realized he was trying to get a better look at the bandaid on my pinkie (yes, the one STILL holding on the aggrieved nail) and it was a Dora bandaid. He snickered when he realized what it was. He is pulling up on everything now, even things that seem unstable and can reach a lot of stuff. Most of my time is spent baby-proofing or running around moving things or shouting "NO!" at him as he reaches for something dangerous or my computer keyboard. Sigh. No wonder I'm exhausted.

- I joined a Knitting Meetup Group some time ago, but had not been able to get to a meeting until last night and today. What a GREAT group of ladies and so nice to be with people who have the same hobby and are passionate about it. I had such an excellent time with them and we knitted and chatted and they made me feel so welcome. Outside of my mom, no one in my universe really knits, so it was cool for me. We meet at coffee shops, buy a coffee (mmm...iced coffee) and knit. Sure, there are some queer looks as people come and go, but hey knitting is not just for the grandmothers anymore. And as it turns out, even though I have been knitting since about the age of six, I pretty much know nothing. So I spent the majority of last night's meeting grilling all the other ladies on what they can do and can they show me?

Tomorrow I am going to keep Kestrel home from daycare and just send Hayden. I am hoping to alleviate some of the craziness over there on Fridays. Sure that means I will be butting heads with a three year old for most of the day, but I am thinking about taking her to the beach. Doug is right, she IS a Jack Russell terrier that just needs to be run. Hopefully I can just relax and get some reading done.

Well, that's about it. I am going to try and get my long post out within the next day or two, so stay tuned!


nrp said...

I've been feeling antisocial too!!!! We should get together.

Megan said...

Glad to see you posting! :)