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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This morning Hayden stood up in his crib in his brace! I have tears of joy! It seems like his brain has made "the connection" much the way it happened with his crawling. All of my angst has been for naught. Now I can stop being so neurotic (about that anyway!)

P.S. My legs feel like they are in vice grips. Walking may be an issue today!


juliet said...

Congrats on Hayden standing - but thats the thing about men in general isn't it.... they will do what they want, when they want. Once they get to 12 or 13 they will also do anything to get to food...............
Love your blog and your babies are all beautiful

Jody said...

Go baby boy!!!

Standing now, walking in the not to distant future!

Don't stress too much about the walking in regards to his clubfoot. Quinn was a bit later than my other kids, I want to say he was 13 or 14 months when he walked. One thing that someone (our ortho docs nurse)said to me early on was this "Your son WILL walk".

Now her runs, skips, plays soccer, t-ball, rides a bike and a scooter!

Hugs and congrats!