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Monday, June 05, 2006


Although there is no pictorial proof at this moment, Hayden, my wonderful little Hamster Boy STOOD UP at the bottom of the stairs for the very first time tonight and then crawled up one stair. I was so shocked and almost missed it, but when I glanced down, he was on his feet and then hoisted himself up. I am so happy! I'll try and get a photo of him ASAP!! Yay!!!!

He has been less and less agitated when I stand him on his feet and I just keep persisting because, hey! I don't want to be lugging the kid around anymore! He's HEAVY! Although when he sits there at my feet with his arms extended upwards, I can't resist and have to cuddle. Yesterday Kestrel was watching Dora the Explorer and they began to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. All of a sudden Hayden's hands started fluttering and when I looked at him, he was opening and closing his hands to simulate the "twinkling" just like his big sister Hannah showed him. It was so cute! He will also do all of the hand motions for Itsy Bitsy Spider that she taught him. Beyond adorable.

Last night he had restless sleep and I think (hope) that those two teeth are finally going to push through, maybe within the next couple of days. He woke up a couple of times and I had to jump up and get him his soother. In addition to that, Kestrel joined us in our bed around 2:30am with a bad dream. She told me this morning that she dreamed "Hayden's face went all jiggly and his eyes fell out and Daddy was trying to find him new eyes". Talk about graphic and how scary would that be to a three year old? I am thankful that she just comes into our bed and doesn't lay there screaming or anything. She slept fine once she was with us.

I have to make this short. Stroller Fit today had a substitute instructor because the regular one is away. This woman was some kind of Exercise Nazi. Oh she was lovely as a person and her exercises were great, but her intensity level is where I'd envision myself, year? I've only been to two previous classes, for criminy's sake! I am hur-ting right now and can barely type. Getting out of chairs and climbing stairs is excruciating. I hope I am okay tomorrow or I'll be o-d'ing on the Motrin!

P.S. Looks like I am going to lose that nail, gulp! It's pretty wiggly and it looks gross. On the good side, the false part of it looks perfect still. Those are some tough nails!

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