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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Week In Short

I guess I overestimated how great I was feeling last week because starting last Saturday I became extremely bone weary and subsequently depressed. After a great therapy session the previous Friday, I was calling my therapist on Monday while trying not to hyperventilate. I guess the combination of being really tired, trying to heal and having several unexpected (and really minor) things thrown at me kind of sent me for a loop. I didn't hear back from her until that evening, but it was ok, because after I had dropped Kestrel off at daycare, I had proceeded with Hayden over to Stroller Fit. Once the endorphins kicked in, I felt pretty okay. I have felt tired and draggy all week even though my sleep has been fairly adequate (although I have been having these weird apocalyptic dreams lately) and Hayden really does just sleep through the night now. He had one rough night where his teeth were bothering him a lot and we caved and let him sleep with us. I wasn't keen on the idea, but much to my delight, he clung to his father all night and left my hair alone!

In addition to being tired and listless, I suffered a trauma to one of my fingernails. I was in the shower and reached over the stall for my towel. As I did so, I caught the false tip on my right pinky finger on a little ledge in the door and pretty much separated my entire real nail from the nail bed. It didn't hurt much to begin with (probably because I just applied pressure right away), but here we are several days later and I really can't use my right hand because apparently even though you don't think you use your pinky finger that much, you do. And every motion makes it throb and sting. I have been keeping a bandaid on it to keep pressure applied to it and sort of thought the nail was lost. But after it stopped bleeding, there was a clear fluid seeping out of it and it seems to have partially bonded back to nail bed anyway. Sorry if that is TMI. I don't have another nail appointment until the 23rd (my 38th birthday - eep!), so hopefully it will have grown out considerably by then. Okay, not a huge woe, but it hurts. Lots.

Speaking of Fridays, I have become increasingly anxious about leaving Hayden at daycare along with Kes on Fridays. She has become a tiny terrorist and Doug's nickname of "Osama Bin Toddler" couldn't be more true at this point. To date, she has not let Hayden sleep at daycare all day for the last three or four times they have been there. She has bitten him, hit him, attempted to smother him and has pushed him over and shouted at him. She bangs on the bedroom door and screams if he is put down for a sleep. I have been absolutely furious with her and this Friday just past was no exception. I was so mad at her that she could really tell and later asked me if I still loved her. In case anyone was wondering I answered 'yes', but don't know that my heart and soul was in it. I tried to get her preschool increased to deal with the problem, but they don't have the space, unless I want to take her there every day, and I just couldn't possibly handle that right now. The schlep there twice a week is quite enough, thank you. So I am at a bit of a loss. Hubby thinks that we should go over there and stay for awhile and show the mom how to deal with it, etc. but the problem with that scenario is that I always have plans for that day that, in my mind, can't be altered because it is my precious Friday. But we shall see what happens. We have some holidays planned, so that will alleviate some of it, and the summer should go by quickly now. Heaven knows I am already bored with the t.v. situation, heh heh! And I know I shouldn't complain about things like this when I kind of have it made. Most people look after their own children, don't they?

On the Hayden front, he has been pretty amiable, with a couple of bad teething days. I just wish they'd break through already, it seems like he's been at this for months just on these two teeth and for pete's sake, he's got ten more after these! Yikes! On the footsy front, I have been pulling him to his feet from a kneeling position and he seems okay with that, although he only stands up for a few seconds before he sits down again. I have also tried standing him on his feet and moving him forward as though to walk. He humours me for a step or two,then sits down again. And let me tell you, when he drops all of his weight, you feel it! He's such a little sweetie, he is the complete polar opposite of his sister right now. He is such a fast crawler and I find he has zipped out of my line of vision before I know it! But the cool thing about him that I am finding utterly delightful is his power of observation. One day he fell quiet in the kitchen after crawling in there and when I went to check on him, he was sitting in front of the fridge trying to stick a magnet back up. It was turned around and kept falling down, otherwise it would have stayed. I was quite startled by this! Today I was on the floor playing with him (which he adores and I don't do nearly enough of) and we were playing with the musical stacking toy that used to be Kestrel's, similar to this one. I was pushing the buttons and handed him one of the stars and he immediately began to try and set it on the post. He had a little trouble making the mark but he did it with all of them and his accuracy improved as the pieces got smaller. I was totally amazed that he had even paid attention to the procedure! He also likes to push the button on the top with his little finger and make the music play because he loves music! If he is ever out of the room and hears the theme song to either Dora the Explorer or Hi-5, he races in on all fours and plunks himself on his knees and then bobs up and down in his little hobbit dance! Way funny!

I'll post some video clips and photos when I am feeling more motivated. I'll try to be back sooner this time! Bye for now.

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