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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Everything He Needs to Know, He Learned in Kindergarten

.....everything that is, except HOW TO HANG OR FOLD A DAMN TOWEL! Why is it men think that by hurling the towel onto the rack that they are actually helping? When it looks like a five year old hung up the bath towel, then people will think that only five year olds live at my house!! Never mind that, do they realize that when a towel is folded correctly and put away, that then there is "actually more space for other towels"?

But, gotta love 'im anyway. If it were not for this man that occasionally frustrates me to no end, yet thinks of me in the smallest way at times and totally surprises me, I would not be here, a growing family at hand, safe and secure, and happy.

I caress my yet to swell belly and question will this baby be a boy? Will he have brown eyes or blue? Blond hair or brown? Will he be tall or short? If it is a girl, will she be talented? Shy? Giving and caring like her oldest sister? It's the waiting that's going to kill me! I have an appointment to see the midwife on October 25th and I am very excited because this means we're on our way! It is step one on the journey of the Littlest Cohen and I couldn't be more prepared or excited, terrified and uncertain all at once! You think that you couldn't possibly love another child as much as the first and then the second one comes along and you couldn't possibly imagine your life without her either! And then you realize that you love all of your children in completely individual and separate ways but that the love for each one of them is equal and binds them to you for eternity. And that no matter will ALWAYS be their mother. No matter what.

How did I get from towel craziness to overwhelming child love? Ahhh.....hormones is the only answer I have. Stick around - it can only get more interesting from here!

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