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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Future Considerations

So I, like my best friend Laura, am trying to work a way to make money from home and have been in the process of working it out, buying supplies, making samples, etc. Today's research consisted of looking for the Provincial animals of Canada and the State animals of the U.S. First of all, I had to Google like there was no tomorrow for it to even understand what I was looking for! Sure when you use words like "national", "state", "province", "animal" - you get oh, say 10,000,000,000,000 websites with those particular words in them!

Here's an interesting fact: Only one province in Canada has an official animal: Alberta. And it's the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep in case you were wondering. Every province has an official bird and flower, but alas no animals. Unless of course you count the Newfoundland Dog for Newfoundland, but I was thinking more along the lines of wildlife, not domesticated.

More interesting yet: Nine of the fifty United States have the same animal for their official state animal: the White-tailed Deer! Two have the Buffalo and one has the sperm whale! Yes, the whale is a marine mammal, but that's all I could find! Fascinating! Anyway, I'm going to keep researching that one.

I had a dream about my ex-mother-in-law last night. I have no idea why she would pop into my head now, so long after I divorced her son's sorry ass, but it was disturbing to say the least. Not only is this woman a perpetual party girl (and getting a little long in the tooth for it, to be sure), but she is a raging alcoholic. As much as she had her sweet moments, I never really saw eye to eye with her and she never thought I looked after her boy well enough. Perhaps that's because she raised him to be a candy ass? Who knows. I just wish I had been kicking her ass in the dream! Now that would have put a smile on my face!

Today was my first official day on "leave of absence" and it was wonderful. Just the realization that I could do laundry any time of day was great! My little daughter was so happy that we went outside that she sang the whole time in her stroller! I am afraid I am going to enjoy this time off just a wee bit too much! I'm dreading November 8th even as I type! Note to self: make most of next four weeks!!

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