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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fun Stuff

So last night I went here. Not only is the spa brand new, it was so classy and relaxing and the man who did my nails (yes, man) just happened to be the owner of said spa. He was wonderful, engaging, chatty and very professional. My nails couldn't look more stunning!

This month is kind of going to be Extreme Makeover, Heather Edition, only minus the extreme. Tomorrow I get a haircut and waxing. Next Friday I am planning maybe a pedicure and the Friday after that I am back to the laser clinic for the veins. Okay, so some of it may not be classified as fun, but I am going to look so purdy at the end of it! Hopefully I don't sound like some vain twit with low self-esteem. I just feel that after sacrificing so much time for my kids and generally not looking my best because I was either too tired to put out the effort or did not have the time, that it's MY TURN! I'll try to get photos if I can.

On the Hamster Boy homefront - he's walking like a fool! He's got plenty of bruises to show it, too! More about him when I can collect my thoughts better. Toodles.

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