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Monday, December 18, 2006

Give It Up For Stomach Flu!

Well, who would ever think that there is a silver lining to throw-up? Not me, but there IS!

Yesterday, Hayden had a morning nap of two hours (usually it's an hour and a half) and Kes laid around in the couch. Sweet. Then in the afternoon, Hayden went down for a second nap and I had small hope that it would be for very long. Kes objected mildly about laying down for awhile, but then I noticed her hovering at the bottom of the stairs (it's gated) with her soothers and stuffed rat. I read her a story and her eyes were rolling up in her head, so I knew she'd sleep for a little while at least. Yep - two and half hours and then Hamster Boy managed three and a quarter hours! I didn't know what to do with myself!

Then the unthinkable happened! At about six o'clock, after everyone had been fed, I was sitting at my computer (Kes has been monopolizing it lately) and Kes came over to me and asked to get ready for bed!! Yahoo! That never happens here!

In the night, Kes came into our room around 3am-ish and snuggled in. She asked me to get her some water so I did. We were lulled into a false sense of security. At four I woke to the inevitable "BLAH" sound and leapt out of bed, narrowly escaping a puke bath (sorry for that). Fortunately it was mostly water. We had to turn on a light, which unfortunately disturbed Hayden, but once everyone was settled back in, Kes safely restored to her bed with a bucket waiting, we all fell back to sleep until about 7. Then Hayden woke up and was demanding to be retrieved. I guess since he technically slept for 13 hours, I couldn't really complain, but boy it hurt to get up. Ow.

There has been no barfage since then, so we may be in the clear. Sadly, Kes could not go to preschool today and if you read my previous post of a couple of days ago, you know that is not a good thing in either of our worlds. Fortunately she likes this website a lot. It has over 750 free games, most of which she has figured out on her own.

I can't wait until tomorrow...hopefully we will be have returned to our regularly scheduled program.

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