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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Even Insaner Sundays!

Okay, I went and said it and I shouldn't have because I know that I cursed myself. I said the boy wasn't sick. Not quite twelve hours after the first episode, around 10pm last night, Kestrel woke up doing "that thing". She proceeded to do it about three more times in the next hour. It wasn't too bad because at least she's big enough to use a bowl when given one.

All was quiet until around 4am, I heard Hayden doing the "gulp". Oh yeah, in the hair and everything. 4:34am - again. 4:49am - Kestrel again. Oh, it was a helluva night! I laid awake convincing myself I also had it, but was probably just really grossed out.

This morning has consisted of a bath first thing for them and a lot of laying around. Had a couple of commitments today, so those will have to be a pass!

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