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Saturday, December 16, 2006

(In)Sanity Saturdays

You'd think that five mornings a week at preschool would be enough for a four year old. Wrong. If I could figure a way to send her there seven days a week, believe me I would. She can't stand to have a down day and I cannot possibly entertain and stimulate her every second of the day. Somewhere along the way, she has to learn to rely on herself for entertainment. Sure, puzzles, Play-Doh and the computer have alleviated that to a degree, but then she always seems to make time for tormenting her little brother. And that seems to be accompanied by a steady stream of consciousness. Add to that the screaming of said brother and my brain starts to hurt intensely and I wish they had boarding school for little people. (Maybe they do?) I've momentarily shut them both up with microwaveable weiners - thanks heaven for small favours and thank you Maple Leaf Top Dogs Singles (TM)! They've polished off four weiners between them - gross.

Of course, it just isn't an interesting day around here without a little vomit! Am I right? The boy was eating some litle cookies that his sister (for once) had graciously shared with him. He kind of coughed and choked on one for a moment and I checked him to make sure he was okay. He never really has officially choked, so I don't get too wound up at these times. But he seemed recovered when a few seconds later I heard that delightful "splash". I hurried over to him thinking that his gag reflex had been activated but soon realized by the way he was crying, there was more on its way. Bingo. I really don't think he is sick though, as he recovered completely after that and then ate a bunch of weird stuff including bread and butter pickles. But I'll keep an eye on that just in case!

Last night as I was getting him ready for bed, something interesting occurred to me. He was just out of the bath and was being very affectionate; hugging me, kissing me. He was also being very silly, dancing and wriggling himself about, posturing almost. It was really cute and I gave him lots of positive attention for it. Then the notion came into my head that for males, the first woman you ever flirt with is your mother. And the way your mother responds to that can affect many things in your future. It's the same for girls, too, of course. Really, kids flirt with their fathers, as well as their mothers. Anyway, without getting all Freudian on you, it was intriguing to me. The thing that struck me the most was when he did a certain thing and then looked at me with this expectant smile on his face, knowing he was being cute, but wanting to be told so. Even at such an early age (he'll be 18 months on Tuesday!!).

Well, they're both down for sleeps right now, so I'm off to put my feet up and relax for a minute or two!

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