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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nyquil, My Heart 'Tis of Thee

Oh, Hamster Boy's Mommy has been sleepin' well the last three nights, all thanks to Nyquil. I never realized how good that stuff is! I've been battling a cold, along with asthma and have felt like garbage, so I have been relying on medication to "get me through the night " in order to be able to function during the day. As you mommies know, ain't nobody else gonna do it.

I think we are into week four or five of's all becoming a haze now. All I know is that the wicked asthma attack I had last night was probably caused by the old dust they stirred up by banging everything as hard as they could in the basement. I shouldn't complain - they are going as quickly as they can and they try to be as clean as possible. I just want it all to be over. I had begun to look at homes in the listings but soon became disheartened when all I could find was crap. Hubby informed me to look in a higher price bracket, so that is what I intend to do. I need to find something that we can just move into and not have to suffer through any more change.

Hayden is doing just fine. His speech is a curious thing. Every now and then he will come out with something as clear as a bell. For example, he was playing with a little rubber ball that got away from him, bounced around and rolled under the couch. He began to whine, so I told him to find it (he understands everything said to him). He crawled on his belly, retrieved it and said to me "I get it". Then, just as quickly he will resume baby babble. I try to get him to say things like "milk" and it comes out "megick", but he'll call out "Doda!" when he sees Dora the Explorer on t.v. He'll say "Hi Hannah!" without trouble, but then when he sees Kes after a nap or something, his hello is something like "Hi, loulou-ay"! I get a lot of amusement out of it, at any rate.

Feet-wise, he is doing just fine and his walking improves daily. A funny thing that I have noticed is when he is sitting in his highchair or on the couch, he extends both of his big toes up, as though he is hitchhiking with his feet! It looks really funny and I'll have to try and get a picture when I remember!

His newest song is "E-I-O", so if you sing "Old MacDonald had a farm", his response is a really adorable "e-i-o!". I started singing him Baa Baa Black Sheep today only to realize that it once again is the exact same tune as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the alphabet. Could they think of no better tunes back in the day? I'm going to have to go into the personal archives for songs and see what I can pull out. I know there are some good ones like "I'm Taking Home My Baby Bumblebee", "The Crocodile", "Apples and Bananas", "Little White Duck", "Magic Penny" and "The Cat Came Back". All I have to do is recheck the lyrics, so I don't start do-do-doing and tra-la-la-ing in the middles!

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