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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Why I Love Hamster Boy

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Theme Song:

Spiders are spinning away in the trees
Buggies are bouncing and riding the breeze

Gliding through the sky
We're flying high
The fun we hatch
In Sunny Patch

To the Hollow Tree
A Family
On Wings n' Strings
And Float- y things
Coming home for hugs
Be good to bugs

This song makes me want to cry, I wonder why:

And here he is singing the alphabet...sort of:

1 comment:

Eli's Mom said...

I love the dancing! And teh abc/singing is a sure sign he'll be saying them 'for real' before you know it!
BTW - Eli started walking this week. 16 months and I didnt' think it would ever happen!