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Friday, December 22, 2006

Watching Time Fly

Why is it that as soon as you get to December, the days start to zoom by almost without you noticing? Before we know it, we'll be well into 2007. Should be a big year for us here at Chez 'Amstair Boy. We will be listing our house probably by the end of January, beginning of February and will be searching for a new home ourselves. Kestrel will start Kindergarten in the Fall - that's a tough one for me to swallow. Is this happening already? Seems just like yesterday I was looking a couple of pink lines on the pee stick. But I'm sure I will be waxing emotional on this more, come September. Some changes in daycare are probably upcoming, too.

I haven't had the chance to get a decent photo of my hair mostly because I've looked like crap ever since I was sick and I make a policy to never publicly humiliate myself if I can help it! But I did snap a couple of the kids, so you could see.

The boy can see again! It was getting ridiculous, him looking through his hair, but I was way too afraid to try and cut it myself! I just knew I'd botch it and thn hate it until it grew again.

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