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Sunday, March 18, 2007

What Inspires Me?

I've decided to participate in Sunday Scribblings to challenge my writing a little bit. Also, it might stop me from complaining so much here!

Inspiration has always played a large role in my life. I have been writing since the tender age of six. My first "published work" was in the school gazette at Shaughnessy Elementary School. The teacher had asked us to write about fire drills and what to do. I had drawn a picture (my artistic skills have not improved since then) of some stick people walking and written the caption "when there's a fire, shut your mouth and close the door". I remember the teacher really liked it and getting my first taste of "being published" had me hooked big time. I've written ever since. I've not had anything formally published, mind you, but we'll get there.

Writing is not the only creative thing I do. Since the age of six, I have also knitted. Over the years, I picked up sewing, cross-stitching, paper-crafting, paper-quilling, rubber-stamping and scrapbooking. I'll try anything crafty if it interests me enough.

I can find inspiration in the smallest things. It can be watching people on the bus, for example. Yesterday I spotted an elderly asian couple on the #20. The husband was lovingly tying a scarf around his wife's neck and adjusting it so it was "just so". He also was not wearing socks inside his running shoes, which caught my eye. I thought it was so sweet that I jotted a note down about it and plan to use that scene in a story sometime.

I love colours that are rich and deep. Pastels are okay and they certainly played a part in my life in the 80s, but give me a deep plum, a rich chocolate brown or an indigo blue any time now. I like to buy yarn and envision what to make with it, rather than getting the pattern first and buying the yarn second. Of course that scenario doesn't always work out if you don't have enough of the yarn!

Going into craft stores can set the creative juices flowing like mad. I've already made my wishes clear in the event of my death. I can spend hours just poring over all the exciting textures, colours and sparkly things!

I wouldn't say that I seek inspiration out exactly, rather it comes to me on its own. The times when I am uninspired are the darkest for me.

Recently, I have received inspiration that is more than creative for me. When Hayden was born with clubfoot, little did I know where that path would lead me. I now have had the opportunity to be involved in two wonderful projects related to clubfoot and the correction of it. I am inspired to make a trip to Uganda to see how one of the projects is helping out there. Another mother and I have discussed the idea of going one day. Working with Dr. Pirani has been rewarding and inspiring in itself.

Of course, my best creations are my three kids. And I am inspired to keep them inspired.


Procrastamom said...

I love this piece Heather. You just never know where life's events will inspire you.

Have a great Sunday!

Remiman said...

Welcome to Sunday Scribblings, and for sharing your inspirations with us. Inspirations that motivate us to act are the best I think. ;-)

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, thank you for sharing your inspirations here! And welcome!
It's amazing how what looks like obstacles in our lives can actually be great sources of inspiration. I do hope you get to Uganda someday...

paris parfait said...

So nice to have you join us for Sunday Scribblings. As for colours and craft stores, like you I find them inspiring! The trick is settig aside the time needed to make those creative ideas reality.

Irene said...

wonderful, wonderful. I love reading about your inspirations... they inspire me too!