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Monday, September 18, 2006

When I Die, I Hope it's at Michael's

So, in all of my previous excitement, I neglected to mention that Hayden saw Dr. Pirani on Tuesday for a regular check up on his feet. They did some x-rays and Dr. P had a look at Hayden standing and declared his feet "excellent". He showed me that all of Hayden's bones are there, properly formed and in the correct positions on the x-ray, which was really great as I had not seen the "insides" of his feet before. The physiotherapist also was pleased because the first time she had seen him, he wouldn't even move his legs or feet below the knee. He didn't even wiggle his toes. So she was happy with his progress. I told her he was not keen on trying to walk while you held his hands and that he would just sit down. She said this is because he feels unstable in his hips (another by-product of the brace) and that he just needs to keep cruising until he feels strong enough. So I felt good about that. All in all, a good visit and I am really feeling like my worry levels about his feet can go way down.

His speech is gradually coming along, although he is not that interested , I think. He says "mama" and "ni-ni" (night night) and "Nana" (Hannah) most consistently. He has said "no", "up" and "uh-oh" several times and I have heard things such as "I got it" and "wassat?" (what's that?) come out of his mouth. The other morning he said "Kes" as clear as a bell, but wouldn't say it again. Kes couldn't say her own name for the longest time; it always came out as "Dek".

Doug has been calling him my "stalker boyfriend" because he just follows me around the house, wanting up and he won't let me out of his sight at any time. It gets draining to say the least and he is now going to daycare twice a week so try and help him become more independent of me. Don't even get me started about his hair fetish - he is no longer welcome in our bed because I can't sleep at all for the hair ripping. You should see how many broken hairs I have on my head - looks great!

So yesterday, we went over to North Vancouver because Doug likes the Canadian Tire over there and I was happy to go because there just happens to be a Michael's there as well! Michael's is the kind of store where I go in and I need to have tranquilizing drugs with me. Sure I get excited when I go into a paper store, or a yarn store - but not like this, because Michael's encompasses ALL of my favorites things: paper crafting, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking (I say that like I've ever done one!), and creating in general. And there are the other things that I'd like to try eventually such as soap-making, candle-making, cake decorating and leather crafting. It is my Mecca to be sure. Yesterday I had to be so careful to just stay focused and get what I wanted. I did end up with an impulse purchase at the cash register ( so close, so close!) of some cute rubber stamps, but I managed to get out of there with only spending fif*mfghmpph*ty dollars. If I were to drop dead in that place, my only regret would be my unfinished projects! But at least I would die happy!

On the topic of knitting, I have a few projects going. I have been working on a one piece outfit for Hayden to wear in bed with the weather turning colder. I was really happy with it to begin with, but have become increasingly disappointed as I have been assembling it. I will have to see what I can do to make it look better. I am also knitting myself some slippers and have started a baby shrug that I am designing myself. I'll post a photo once I am finished. I am making this because Hayden has a couple of sleeping outfits that have short sleeves, but long pants. I want to just be able to slip something on his arms so he stays warm, as he never keeps covers on. What is it with kids and the thrashing? I thought about just putting a sweater on him, but I also put undershirt onesies on my babies, so I didn't want him to overheat. As well, some of his "long sleeve" outfits seems a tad short and they push up in the night. Call me paranoid, but I want to make sure he is nice and snugly during the night, 'cuz as I said before, he AIN'T coming in our bed!

I realize I haven't posted a photo of him in some time. I'll try and get to that because I've just been really lazy about a) downloading the photos and b) moving them from the old computer to this one.

Ta ta for now!

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Eli's Mom said...

Great news about his feet. They look good to me!!