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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh My The Time Does Fly!

Well, here I am a week later from my last post and I really don't have all that much to report.

Allergies? Check.
Bothersome children? Check, check and check!
Husband still around? Check.
Still love the house? Check!
Keeping busy? CHECK!

I am working on a few different things still and just trying to stay sane now that preschool is finished and there is a week between when Kes starts summer daycamp. We are going away "camping" next week, so that should be fun/torture. But,we'll see.

I had the opportunity to connect with a family who has a baby with bilateral clubfoot. I spoke to the mom about how great Dr. Pirani is and she and her husband came down yesterday with the baby (SO CUTE!) to meet him (they live in the interior of BC) and get casts put on. This baby's story is another nightmare tale of woe much the same as ours was way back when. I decided to meet the family out at the hospital to help them feel at ease and even though I didn't get to visit them for much because Dr. Pirani was running pretty much on time and they had a six hour drive back home, they were a lovely couple and I am 100% confident that Dr. P. can help them. It was a good feeling.

News in the Hamster Boy world is good. He's developing more language every day and it is so cute to hear him speak in tones of voice that Kes uses. He can now recognize and pronounce (pretty much) NINETEEN letters of the alphabet which is impressing the heck out of me! I don't anticipate that he will read any sooner than the norm, but it's exciting for me, an avid reader, to see this level of enthusiasm on his part. I am going to try and get video of him going through his alphabet cards. Oh, and by way of a test, I have gone through the cards forwards, backwards and mixed up because I thought maybe he had them memorized in order. Nope.

We like to play a little game called "Can I Have a Kiss?" I will request a kiss from Hayden and with a devilish grin he will deny me the kiss until I say please, please, please? and pretend to cry. He will then acquiesce and give me the kiss. I used to repeat the same with a request for a hug, until one day I paused for moment and he said to me "Say I want hug". Repeat game. But recently after he has given me the kiss, I have been telling him to ask me for a hug and I deny him. Seeing him pretend to cry is priceless! I can get lots of mileage out of this game!

(Thanks to Laura for the photo)

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