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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Today the fabulous Hamster Boy is two years old! I can hardly believe it! I want to grab him and curl up in a corner with him and pretend he is a newborn all over again!

This morning he was in bed with us (he's like clockwork on the 6:30am wake up call right now, kill me) and was singing the word "doobie" to the tune of the alphabet (or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, your choice) and half way through he stops and says "Mom, I song doobie!" Where are these sentences coming from all of a sudden? Mind you, most of it can still be gibberish and I tend to be the only one in the family who can actually "translate", but still - he's talking and running around like a little boy should. Daddy bought him a Radio Flyer bike...shhh...don't tell him!

Two years agao he was born on Father's Day and four days before my birthday. I can't think of a better Father's Day gift or a better birthday gift than this little boy. He has given me so much and my entire world and indeed perspective has changed because of him. Had you asked me the week before he was born, what I thought the future held, I first would have said "I want this kid out IMMEDIATELY!" ('cuz he was due on the 12th!) and maybe that everything would be regular, the same - just doing what I'm doing, only with more kids. Pshht - how little did I know that this little monkey would take me places I'd never imagined. That my knowledge on certain things would expand immensely (did I ever think feet would be interesting? NOPE. I thought feet were the ugliest part of the human body!) and I'd want to know all there is to know. That I'd get connected to some pretty fabulous people, both in person and online.

I'd tried my hand at blogging while pregnant and didn't really care for it. It seemed like a chore, but then so did the pregnancy really. As soon as Hayden was born, I was inspired to document his treatment and then the words just flowed! I ashamedly admit that my girls' lives are nowhere near as documented, but the memories come easy and I may just write it all down one day. Or do a blurb book for each of them. (I did one recently and it came out GREAT!)

In short, because I could wax poetic all day long, having a son has, so far, been the most enriching and rewarding experience of my life and I have this feeling it is only going to get better!

My little hippie!


Procrastamom said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!

Gawd, he looks more and more like a little boy (instead of a baby) everytime you post new pics. When did that happen?

(that Blurb book thing is cool, thanks for pointing it out!)

nrp said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!

I'd forgotten he and Jonah have birthdays so close together.

Jody said...

Happy birthday little man!!