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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Projects, Projects

As if I don't have enough of them, I have started a small sewing project (I should be doing my LARGE sewing projects, but well, you know...). Inspired by a suggestion from my mother and totally flummoxed by how I am going to get my daughter (never mind my son) off of her "uggies" (soothers), I am attempting to design a satin soothie for her. See, one of the things preventing me from weaning her off of them is that she has this whole ritual set up that doesn't involve just sucking on one of them. There's the two that she rubs on her nose. But how do you take away the one for her mouth and leave her with two that could potentially go into her mouth? It won't work. And forgive me for being so lazy to not want to try and set up a completely different set of comfort tools for her. While pondering this with my mother one day, she suggested perhaps a blanket with a satin edge (this has been a family favourite for years), which then sparked the notion of making a satin pacifier that she could still hold and rub on her nose in the same manner, but might be kind of yucky if put in the mouth. Anyway, my first trial has failed abysmally and I may have to consult with Mom for some input. I'll keep you posted on that one. Oh, and I found this picture of Kes when she was small with all of her "uggies", just so you get an idea of how much of a problem this is:

My kids are addicted to what they call "hot dogs", which are in fact "Hot Rods" - those little pepperoni sticks that you can buy at the corner store. Yes, they're salty and fatty and probably loaded with nitrates, but sometimes they are the lesser of the two evils when they are constantly ragging on me for sugar treats. This morning Kes got each of them a "hot dog" and Hayden wolfed his down in a matter of minutes. He returned, informing me that it was "picey", but that he wanted "more more hot dog". This is how he makes a request for everything right now; "more more milk", "more more rice", "more more chapchup" (ketchup) and it is in this sing-songy voice that makes him sound like some sort of talking elevator or something. I asked if he wanted milk and he said yes, so as I got that for him, he helped himself to another "hot dog" from the cupboard. he then came over to me and said "Aha! Hot dog!" I got a giggle out of that one! Oh, and when I kissed him on the cheek later, he rubbed it off and said "dose", which means "gross". Nice.

That's about it for now - still dying from allergies and feeling particularly disgusting and under the weather today, but have to "stiff upper lip" it because there is a street festival today nearby and we have promised Kes we will go with the neighbours to ite. Wish me your best!

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Papadesdeux said...

I guess a "soother" is a pacifier in the US is a sucette in France. In any case, it doesn't look to me like she is old enough to be in a huge rush.

At about 2, the twins just up and decided they didn't want them anymore. Of course the boy started chewing on his stuffed bunny. But the ears are gone now, so that has pretty much stopped as well.

PS Thanks for solving the peach mystery. Cool!