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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sniffle Snort Wheeze

Day Three of raging allergies and no sign of them letting up. In fact they are laughing at my various attempts to squelch them with assorted drugs.

Sunday I woke up with such itchy eyes they were sore from me rubbing them within minutes. Hubby had recently purchased some Aerius antihistamine, but it did diddly-squat for me, so I cracked into the Benadryl (forgetting that I usually take them at night) and popped two of them as per the recommended dosage for an adult. Fast forward twenty minutes and I felt like someone had slipped me a Rufi. I was so stoned on them I could hardly function. In fact, here is my son trying to comfort me:

Or rather I made a convenient bed for him to lie on. Anyhoo - hubby went out shopping a little later and picked up my old faithful Claritin, which has worked much better and doesn't make me feel like a teenager after a rock concert. Still kinda itchy tho'.

Other than that, nothing really new to report here. Kids are already driving me crazy (only three and a half weeks until all day summer camp commences for the girl, suh-weet!) and I am up to my eyeballs in projects! Really, had you asked me in January, heck June, of 2005 what I thought I would be doing with myself only two short years later, I never would have said I'd be helping a pretty great orthopaedic surgeon with some really worthwhile and valuable projects. It feels so great to have a purpose (outside of raising decent humans, of course - ain't no more worthy cause than that!)

Now I have to go and check the pollen count to see what delights are in store for me tomorrow! Wheee!

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