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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Well, where to start? Okay, first of all the dental experience went just fine. At least it went reasonably how I expected it to, other than the waiting half an hour past our scheduled visit time - but like I've said, the place is where kids want to be! Video games, toys, puzzles and books, t.v.s with headphones, a dressup corner....which when I went to check on Kes at one point, she had disrobed to her skivvies and was putting on one of the princess outfits. I had to explain to her that the clothing was designed to go over top of what she was wearing! Hayden wandered after big boys, saying "hi!"

Once in, the hygienist asked Hayden if he wanted to "get his picture taken" (x-rays) and he immediately errupted in a screaming "NOOOOOOO!" Even with him on my knee and trying to soothe him, he was hysterical within minutes so we abandoned the idea. I kind of thought they were dreaming and wondered why they wanted to do it when two months ago they told me they didn't do them on kids that young? Weird. He and I got escorted to the "quiet room" so other kids did not get upset listening to my son flip out. We got through the exam quite quickly - it was just a follow up and I didn't learn anything new, just that the teeth are "retruding" and they look fine. I'm wondering if it was just another time they could ding my dental plan $42.00 for a 3 minute look. In the meantime, the other hygienist had asked if she could get started on Kes, who seemed willing, so I just had to let her. With nary the bat of an eye, she sat through x-rays, a check by the hygienist, a polishing, flouride, scaling and a check by the dentist - who pretty much told me the obvious (but nicely), that the "uggies" have to go. All in all, a good visit.

Since then, nothing super new has happened. Preschool has gotten a little chaotic for the next couple of weeks as our sweet teacher lost her beloved husband suddenly to death. We have no details about what happened and the kids have been told nothing other than she won't be back before they are done. They've had to combine the two classes and the kids are really confused and upset. We're thinking about pulling Kes early and trying to contact the teacher later once the dust settles. Very sad, though, as the rumours are it was an accident.

Kes had Kindergarten orientation yesterday at her new school, which went fab. Everyone met in the library and after a brief introduction by the principal, the kids were led away by the two K teachers and then we got to hear a bit more from the principal (who is wonderful and really cares), the PAC leader, the librarian, the community health nurse, a rep from VPL (Vancouver Public Library) and one of the teachers who had returned to say a few words. Their focus at this school is early literacy so they encourage to read at all turns, which I think is terrific. I have always been a voracious reader and even though I hold no degrees, I feel that I have a wide knowledge base due to the fact that I read a lot and often. Plus I think my vocabulary is pretty good, too!

This morning Hayden counted to twelve completely on his own! I was very surprised and pleased! Some other things he's been doing include volunteering "sorry" in the right context, being a jokester (he will truly be the class clown) and singing more songs from memory.

That's about it for now!

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