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Monday, June 04, 2007


Today is a big day - gulp - I get to take the two littles to the dentist! Kes will be having a cleaning for the first time and Hayden will be getting checked over to see if the teeth he smashed are ok. They've almost shifted back in place, so I think they'll be fine. I am bracing myself for the soother lecture for the bajillionth time and am planning my witty comeback. I love it when health professionals browbeat you about stuff - NOT. So, I will try and fill you all in about how it goes. The best part is that the dentist's office that I am taking them to is like Playland. There is video games, a dress-up corner, a mirror tunnel, televisions, books, toys - situated everywhere in the entire office. Plus they have the GIANT baskets of prizes for the kids to choose from. Hopefully all will be ok.

Wish me luck!

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