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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Has It Already Been That Long?

Okay, this is ridiculous! Every time I log onto Blogger to post, I think "has it really been that long since I last posted?" I'm really sorry! My life escapes on me often. Or I drink too much maybe. (Or maybe not enough) Hmm.

This week has seemed a little screwy to me and I am not sure why. I think now that the cottonwood is in full force my allergies are finally coming out of their cave to wreak havoc. I was expecting them two months ago, but they ignored all of my invitations. I got hit - WHAMMO - today. Itchy eyes (like scratch them out of your face itchy), itchy roof of mouth - gotta love that one, itchy ears, sneezing, wheezing and general irritability, which then becomes worse because I have to take Ventolin or Advair and I get all jittery. Blech. Plus something I ate or drank last night DONE ME WRONG. My digestive track has been on the rampage since last night and no amount of pleading on my part has made it subside. Ah well - it's gotta stop sometime, eh?

We have a new family member. What, you didn't know I was pregnant again?........................

PSYCHE!! No, no - not going down THAT road again! We got a little dwarf hamster and he has been named "Nibbley" by the four year old. He is KEEEE-YEWT! So far, though, Kes is unimpressed by the amount he sleeps. Seems pretty boring to her, except when we put him in the running ball of course - that was fodder for much hilarity! Once I can get a picture of him, I'll post it. You won't be disappointed I assure you.

Okay, so for the next year I am going to bore you with endless talk about Uganda. Like any dutiful traveller I have been doing my homework and research and I am not being disappointed. I bought a Swahili phrasebook and it is the coolest language! Technically English is the official language there, but Swahili is the lingua franca (the common language that everyone speaks). I'm getting a kick out of the phrasebook because there isn't a topic it misses. I also bought this book and am enjoying it immensely - very informative.

I spent much of yesterday torturing myself by looking up Ugandan orphans and came across this, which of course made me cry because I am the mom at every kiddie performance with the Kleenex to her face. I am such a suck. This was no exception, but I did get a kick out of the lyrics. Those crazy Africans - they just call it how they see it! Here in the western world, we'd be thinking of some obscure way to say "don't kill yourself" and also I am not sure if we would call the devil a "loser", but I love the way it sounds. Of course, now I want to adopt ALL of the kids in the video. And I ask, is it fair to make orphans sing a song titled "Oh Mama, Oh Baba", which when translated means "Oh Mother, Oh Father"? That just ain't right! I'm going to be singing that song for days - it's too catchy!

Anyhoo - best go for now. You people have got to yell at me when I don't post often enough - ok?

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nrp said...

Seasonal allergies. Ugh. I get the roof-of-the-mouth itching too and itching way down inside my ears. Drives me nuts.
Nice to see a post from you.