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Saturday, August 11, 2007


What gives me goosebumps? Someone just told me a story the other day that gave me goosebumps, but not the "I'm scared" kind - the "wow that's amazing" kind. Of course, I'm wracking my brain to think of what it was and I'm drawing a blank.

Scary things don't give me goosebumps. I get heart palpitations from those. I remember watching The Grudge while I was nine months pregnant and almost went into labour I was so scared, but nary a goosebump revealed itself.

My husband told me an amazing "goosebumps" story not too long ago from The New Yorker, which I shall paraphrase. An old reel of film was found with a projector by a woman on the curb about ten years ago and she shelved it. The woman who found it happened to be part of a film group and the film was viewed at their next meeting, where they primarily viewed old home movies. It turned out to be someone's wedding movie from the sixties. The only clue in the film as to who the people might be was a poster in the background advertising a boxing match. The movie was also beautifully shot and not your average home movie. One of the men at the screening started doing some research with this one clue. He turned up information about the boxers on the poster and realized one of them was the groom. More research turned up a phone number. He called, and amazingly got the boxer's wife. She thought it must be a prank because he was calling her on their forty-fifth wedding anniversary! Apparently there was only one copy of the film, recorded by none other than Norman Mailer. The wife had taken the film in for restoration and had never seen it again.

Now THAT gave me goosebumps.


Rob Kistner said...

That's an incredible story... thanks for sharing!

raymond pert said...

Good grief! I'll have to thumb back through past New Yorkers and find that story. It's miraculous how these things happen and work out.

Paul said...

That's really amazing!

Redness said...

Synchronicity at it's best - thanks for the goosebumps with this fabulous story - Brilliant!

Eden said...

I read that three times. It's teh awesome!