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Saturday, August 18, 2007


So a nasty coldsore erupted on my mouth in the middle of the night, so I didn't even have a chance at combatting it before it appeared. Ew. I feel like there is a tumour on my face and my friend suggested a burkha to cover my disfigurement. I may just go that route. It was threatening to wander further along the mouth line, so I threw down the gloves, got a prescription and have now waged war. It better be gone by tomorrow.

Nothing really super new to report. I might have the opportunity to go to Iowa for a symposium on clubfoot next month and it is merely a matter of paying for the flight and hotel, paying for the conference, getting the kids organized, renewing my passport and convincing my husband that it would be a good thing.

I got some vaccinations in preparation for my trip to Uganda next year and I have felt a bit yucky from them. Ah well - I'm sure if I got Polio and Hepatitis I'd feel yuckier, right?


chasmyn said...

You don't need a prescription - just use alum powder. I just had one and I used to get them a lot, and alum takes them down every time.

Sue said...

Hi Heather -- thanks for checking out my blog! I just read through your posts on your son's journey with clubfoot. I appreciated your honesty and insight -- good to read. Looks like our kids are about the same age -- my daughter will be 3 in July.

I paid a visit to the Six Feet website and realized how little I really know about it all. I don't know ANYONE going through this so in many ways I feel like I'm in some sort of denial ... but that's not always bad with me. After reading Six Feet, I came away feeling horribly guilty -- for not being diligent enough with the horrid shoes, the stretching, etc. She seems great, runs like a deer, no limping or pain ... did I lull myself into thinking she's absolutely fine? She hasn't worn shoes in months -- she grew out of the last pair and we couldn't afford a new one. Knowing the annual appointment was coming up, I let it go, figuring my stretching and her constant running and "natural stretching" would hold her over. Ugh. Now I feel horrible ... We meet with her dr. on Monday.

Yes, I'd like to be in touch -- like I said, I don't know anyone going through this, and your boy looks absolutely wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and contacting me. Best wishes to you and your family as your journey continues!