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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello Again!

Man, I've been a lazy blogger lately. Well, actually a busy one.

First of all, I got totally caught up in a certain project which pleased me to no end. I honestly didn't want it to end, but I was starting to get a tad kooky with the ideas I was dreaming up and I had promised the recipient I was sending it soon. I'm happy to say that Persephone was extremely well received and even earned a little fame. My favourite thing about Persephone? Well, aside from he stunning pink hair and her skull bag, I'd have to say her miniature copy of Blackbringer, complete with the first chapter. I also got a real kick out of knitting the tiny skull, flower for her shirt and the heart tattoo for her behind (see picture below)! I had to use really small knitting needles for those and have been inspired to go even smaller and have ordered some 0.5mm needles from my favourite website in England, called Buttercup Miniatures.

In addition to that, hubby and I managed to get away for five glorious kid-free days to Montreal. It was hubby's 30 year high school reunion and I had a total hoot! (of course I had to ask the DJ at the banquet to make sure he played something for the one 80s child in the room!) We also got in some quality visits with his parents and some close friends of ours. My mother, brave woman that she is, willingly looked after my spawn and naturally they were almost complete angels for her, sleeping in, eating everything she served them (except mysteriously Hayden has gone off potatoes in any form but French fry) and generally behaving. Of course, Mom was happy that the noise level was going to go down in her house and her dogs were even happier to see the back end of Hayden who never stopped following them around! When we arrived to pick the kids up, I got the BEST reception from Hayden. He wouldn't stop hugging me, putting his hands on my face and fondling my hair. And yes, I begrudgingly admit that I missed the hair twiddling. I have to say that I missed him the most out of the three, partly because he is the youngest and has never been away from me for that long and also because the girls are very independent and I knew they would be fine. But I only missed him at brief moments during the trip. When people at the reunion found out this was out first time away from all three kids for more than a day, they asked if I was worried or nervous. I merely informed them that my mother has six children, and no.

Fall is upon us and the trees are turning, the air is cool and it's time to start pulling out the gloves and hats. Probably the umbrellas too, but we won't go there. After twelve weeks of nasty garbage hell, it looks like the sanitation strike might be over with. I think the final vote is tomorrow. It was starting to look like it would go until January, so the city was hyperventilating a lot. Let's hope they can achieve something productive tomorrow, after having turned down TWELVE previous offers!! We're tired of the stench already! (Not to mention the fruit flies)

Here is the promised photo (click on it to get a bigger view)(thanks to Laura for her photography):


Eden said...

That is extremely cool in every possible way :)

Laini Taylor said...

Persephone sends her love, Heather! She is currently copyediting Goblin Fruit for me and she's good! I've discovered that mangoes are her favorite food, just like ME, but mysteriously, she likes OLIVES, so that's a little wedge between us. Ha ha! Glad you had fun in Montreal, and. . . SIX children? Wow!