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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Song

For this to actually be even remotely funny, you need to know the tune to The Neverending Story. Otherwise, it won't really make much sense. This is my homage to Limahl. Here we go:

There's a mound
Taller than a tree
On my bed
Of unfolded laundry

Make believe I'm elsewhere
Hiding out of sight
Please somebody help me
With an answer to my
Neverending Laundry

Reach for pants
And fold them so neatly
Dream a dream
Perhaps there's a fairy

Two year old behind me
He unfolds what I have done
There has to be somebody
With an answer to my
Neverending Laundry

There's no hope
That it will go away
My back is sloped
From hunching o'er this way

Kleenex in a pocket
Pennies left behind
Wish there was more money
I keep all that I find
For doing laundry
The Neverending Laundry
Repeat and fade


chasmyn said...

This cracked me up! I know the song - I know it WELL. * laughs *

Anonymous said...

You are AWESOME, me Lady Leather. LOVE IT!! Please put to music, sing song, video...YOUTUBE!!!

It's all about you!