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Thursday, November 15, 2007

How Old Am I?

Man, I'm starting to feel 79, not 39! Something dire has happened to my back and it's one of those things where a nerve is being pinched, so everytime I make a move or take a deep breath it grabs. It's painful, but annoying moreso. There's a certain dull pain that I can tolerate, but each time I make specific natural body movements, I find myself suddenly speaking Pirate:


My son thinks it is hysterical and no matter how much I try to explain that "Mommy has an owie", he still jumps on me and giggles when I wheeze out air in interesting vocal patterns.

At least it is better today than it was yesterday.

Oh, and it seems to have occurred when I hoisted Ten Ton Tommy out of his crib yesterday morning. Well with all the strikes we've been enduring or hearing about (believe me the writer's strike is way worse in my world than the garbage strike we had), it makes sense that my back would jump on the bandwagon, or at least hobble over to it and gingerly perch there.

I'm off to find appropriate drugs and conk out. 'Night all!

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