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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Shouldn't Be Blogging Today

I am in the worst mood. My day is hideous so far and it's only just after 8 am. It's probably all the fault of a little someone with the initials P, M and S. I am feeling much like going on a murderous rampage. Hide the axes.

The last week or so has been pretty fine, I guess. Nothing major to report. Actually there are a couple of things. On Monday, November 19th, Kestrel woke up on her fifth birthday and announced that since she was five, she was now going to throw out her "uggies" (soothers). In fact, once we got downstairs, she handed them to me and requested I chuck them out. I complied, expecting immediate regrets, but there were none. In fact, even though she mentioned them a few times over the next day or two, there were no tears, there was no whining and there was no asking for them back (good thing because I did NOT want to go garbage can diving!) She's been promised a pretty special present if she lasts a week, which is tomorrow. I think she is going to make it!

Remember when Hayden smashed his front teeth? About two weeks ago I had looked at the displaced tooth and thought to myself "well, it looks like it's going to stay there". That was okay with me because at least he HAD the tooth. A couple of days ago I was changing his diaper and he was giggling at me for some reason and I realize that the tooth is back where it should be! It is almost exactly back to normal! Yippee!! I was so excited I had to phone my hubby and tell him. Give it up for the human body! We really ARE regenerating miracles aren't we? I guess that was why he'd been so miserable for a few weeks - maybe the tooth was repositioning itself and it was bothering him?

The last bit of news is that I converted Hayden's crib to the toddler bed. This is a bit earlier than I might have done it ordinarily (I wanted to say for Kes, but she never slept in the stupid crib), but I am so fed up with being "paged" to get him out in the morning that I thought I would just make it easier for him and me. We are on day four and each night he has gotten out of the bed about three times and then settled down. Interestingly, when I've put him into it for his nap, he has stayed there?!?! That kid is weird.

I've got several knitting projects on the go right now, but I finished my snowflakes. I think they turned out GREAT! Have a look:

I also made these guys from the Mochimochi Blog. They're blades of grass and I named them after shades of green: Jade, Olive, Fern and Myrtle (if you don't believe me, check Wikipedia):


Laini Taylor said...

Love the snowflakes and the green guys! My grandmother crocheted so many awesome stars for the Christmas tree; some day I will learn how to do that. And I keep meaning to tell you, maybe I already did: love the name Kestrel! I considered it for Magpie's mom but went with Kite instead -- a different small raptor. But Kestrel is definitely a warrior girl faerie name!

(And I'm experience a charming visit from old P and M and S too. Ugh.)

Jody said...

The snowflakes are wonderful! Love the blades of grass.

Isn't the human body amazing! We have experienced the same thing with all four of our kids.