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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year?

Are we already almost halfway through the first month of 2008? Is that possible? The time, she flies!

I recently got my computer back from the hospital - it was down for about a week and half and I can't say all the bugs have been fixed yet. Evidently I fried the mother board and thanks to my bloodhound nose, I quickly turned off the computer when I smelled hot plastic and managed to not lose any of my data. I have a plan in place to back up all of my stuff!

Speaking of bugs, I've been struck by another. Nothing serious and it was unavoidable, since the wee ones have been coughing and sniffling for well over a month. This one is affecting the asthma more and that is a bit of a drag because I end up feeling like a crack addict with all the Ventolin I have to take. Bah! I'm sure I'll recover nicely, though. Lots of indoors for me (oh darn, since I have about a skillion knitting projects I'm working on!) and plenty of Typhoo tea! Oh, and mom brought me back some lovely Australian tea recently. It's very creamy tasting and a nice change. Thanks, Mom!

Speaking of knitting, I've completed several projects lately and am pretty satsified with the results. A hat for each sister and a scarf for the brother-in-law. I am working on something else for my twin that's secret, but I'll post photos when the time is right. All I will say is, I have made my first foray into the world of felting and it went very well! Oh no, another addiction for me to worry about!

Speaking of photos, hubby finally bought a new, state of the art, ultra-fancy, super-de-duper camera. Of course I feel like a complete tard trying to use it. Whatever happened to point and shoot? That's my formula and it has worked well for me for many years. Ah well. Once I figure it out, I'll put photos back on here.

On the Hamster Boy front, Hayden has been a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde lately - I'm just chalking it up to illness and the fact that he is two. most of his nasty behaviour only occurs when his sisters are around, so I get the feeling that he is very possessive of me and doesn't want interference. His language is developing more and more each day, but I still find that he does not talk as much or as clearly as the girls did at this age. That's okay with me as I find I still think of him more as a bay at this point. I want his babyhood to last as long as it can, because all to soon it will be gone. That being said, I visited a friend this week who just had twin boys (she also has two girls). They were brilliantly beautiful and so tiny, even though they had decent birthweights. I held one and thought "nope, not for me anymore"! WOW! Love holding them and cuddling them, but I am so over the sleep deprivation and whatnot.

Anyway, enough of my boring news. There's way more important things going on the world, such as French matchmaking....

Oh, and I went through the pictures archives and found some Hamster Boy sweetness for you:

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tongue in cheek said...

Thanks for the nod to my blog.

Five days that all it took for you to know? Eva loved that comment!!

I hope you are feeling better.

When I see babies I too think of sleepless nights ;)