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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sorry folks, last week was a bit haywire and my computer has also been acting like a dork again. Sometimes I hate technology.

So I took Kestrel out to see Dr. Pirani on Tuesday and we surprisingly didn't have to wait very long. Believe me, I had packed like we were going to be there overnight. But we really only waited a half hour beyond our scheduled time. So the cast technologist Milt showed us in and I gave him the x-ray disc, which he set to work getting to load on the computer. Dr. Pirani came in, I gave him the lowdown including her history with Nursemaid's elbow and once the pictures finally appeared, he walked over to the screen, and immediately said "there's the fracture right there", pointing to the finest dark line you could ever see! In addition to that, he showed me the dark areas around her elbow where a hematoma was forming already to fix the break. So I think the actual break is called "subluxated supracondylar humerus fracture", apparently the most common elbow fracture for kids her age. It's right at the elbow end of the humerus (bone in your upper arm) and likely goes all the way through. Thank goodness we got that and not the exotic break! He told us to keep the cast on and come back next week for further x-rays and a cast change. Big sigh of relief! He was so gentle with Kes and most kind, too. And once again I am awed by his professionalism and knowledge. By the way, the "other"place wasn't even going to be able to see her until the 12th!! WTF?! Um, what if it wasn't fractured, but popped out and was being held in that position for TEN DAYS? I have zero faith in that hospital's orthopaedics department.

So much of the rest of the week was spent controlling my allergies and trying to get Kestrel not to run around like a psycho! She unfortunately fell today while we were out doing a bit of shopping and landed right on the cast. She cried and said it hurt her, but she was fine later. I suspected her knees and other hand hurt worse than the casted arm. Nevertheless, I shall have to mention this at our follow up on Tuesday.

I purchased the game "Guess Who?" for Kes in case we were stuck in waiting room hell, and she's been pretty stoked about playing it. I'd say she gets it right about 75% of the time. The biggest confusion for her comes from the subtle differences in hair colour and also the differences in facial hair. I can remember playing this game when I was a kid and it's been like a trip down memory lane. It's fun to pass on tradition!

I DID finally get down to some sewing and it's been baby blanket bonanza around here! I've finished four more, have five more half sewn and three more cut out. Whooo!

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