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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Okay, Now I'm Mad!

Am I destined to be tortured by Reality Television for the rest of my life? I found out within the last week or so that two of my current favourite shows - jPod and Jericho - have been cancelled. Now Jericho was kind of corny but at least there was some sort of a story line, paranoia and all. jPod was finally a Canadian program that I enjoyed and it took place in my very own city and was based on the same title book by Vancouver's Douglas Coupland. By the way, the book is slightly different but it's pretty funny. The show was hilarious! Thanks CBC for doing that to me, I appreciate it.

By now most of you know that my world revolves around television and as sad as that may sound, it's what generates my creativity. I'm not really a person who goes for a scenic hike and feels inspired to write poetry, but I can watch a quirky scene in a show or movie and think "oooh, that gives me an idea for...." Darnit all anyway!

To me reality t.v. (uh-oh she's off again) is not really reality. I believe that people feel compelled to act differently in situations or put on more emotions or add drama because they are in front of a camera. Ordinary mundane things are made out to be extra sincere, more painful, more exciting and so on. I truly believe there is a producer behind the camera egging people on for the sake of his padded pockets.

And of course, I am not totally immune to it. I still watch ANTM. I've had the sketchy experience of watching Scott Baio humiliate himself and I feel sad for him. Dude: get over yourself and grow up now. Otherwise we will be watching Scott Baio is 78 and Still Trying to Decide What to do With His Life somewhere in the future. Salt 'n'Pepa? For real? Do these has-beens really need the money so badly? How about a regular job? Try being a mail carrier in the rain or something. Oh, wait - celebrities have done that. Never mind.

Anyhoo, hopefully there will be something decent coming up in the new season. Or I'll just keep watching reruns of Law & Order, I guess.

What's new? I got to go away for a couple of days to hang out with my sister. That was nice, way too short and over all too soon. While I was away, Kestrel got her cast off and her elbow is doing quite nicely. I was surprised at how little I missed everyone! Complete sentences and thoughts were a total novelty!

Everything else is the same. Still making blankets and I have to take a bunch more photos to post on the Etsy site. Need to get some things printed up to go with them and order clothing tags for them.

That is all for now.

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