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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Well, in true Hamster Boy fashion, acceptance comes easy to him. The second night of bracing was back to how it had always been. He called me early in the evening to take him to the bathroom and I took him again later. He did wake up at some point and call me, so I stumbled in there and ended up crashing with him, squeezed beside him on a tiny flat pillow with a blanket over my feet. Awesome. We're back to that, are we? Ah well, the more I deal with this, the more I just need to find my Zen about it. We're talking about his future here and his ability to walk. Nothing will stop me from making it go as smoothly for him as possible and I will fight tooth and nail to avoid surgery on this kid's feet.

I did end up sending an email to RCH commending them for their super emergency department and got three responses and a request to reprint the email in their newsletter with my name! Hopefully this will help keep this system going!

In the meantime, I am really grooving on this group that played on Saturday Night Live this weekend, called Phoenix. The show itself tanked miserably in my opinion. It was possibly the unfunniest SNL I've ever seen. BUT, surprisingly the band was great and I rarely listen to the music portion as it is always some group I can't stand. Of course, once I found out these guys are Parisian, so much the better. Their upcoming new album is due out on May 25 or 26th, depending where you read the date and is called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I can't wait! (Sorry, I wanted to link to a video but NBC already took them all down - BOOOOOOOO!)

One last thing. Who looks completely adorable pregnant? SHE DOES (my favourite lady with the pink hair!):

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