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Thursday, April 09, 2009


So this was going to be a blog post about the band Phoenix and how great they are (and it still will be), but now I have to have a bit of rant.

A nice man named Pascal kindly forwarded me the html for the Phoenix SNL videos that I mentioned yesterday. Alas, they were still inoperable. How is it possible that the actual band can't put their own performance on to their own website without NBC screwing them over?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I paid my cable bill to see the very crappy SNL show that was put on, with the only saving grace being Phoenix. I'm pretty sure that the network got paid its bajillion dollars to put on said disappointing show. If this is a matter of music copyright, then why would NBC care if Phoenix wanted to show the world their performance?

I'm starting to get very confused about these copyright laws. Does this mean that if I buy an album for my own listening pleasure, I'm not allowed to let anyone else listen to it? Is there some way that Big Brother can monitor every wedding, high school graduation and retirement so that the music companies (not the artists, mind you) get their 12 cents per play? (Why yes, yes there is!) I don't get it. Are music stores not supposed to play the music in their stores? Like, where does it end?

I'd really like to see some numbers on how record sales have been affected since the beginning of the MP3. I don't believe the invention of the cassette tape killed the music industry, did it? Are people not still buying concert tickets? I can't tell you how big of a collection of CDs I have where I have only ever listened to one song. I believe the music mucky mucks got their pound of flesh for those. Thanks for producing crap, by the way.

Anyway, Phoenix is the opposite of merde and I hope that somehow, some way you can see them or hear them perform. They have a fresh sound that is danceable and fun. Next thing we have to do it get them to Vancouver. My inner francophile is anxiously awaiting their arrival!

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