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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hey Mambo!

I feel much better after talking to my doctor yesterday. She didn't even bother to confirm the pregnancy. I mean, four tests probably is enough! And I think by this point I would know! I talked to her about the VBAC issue and she couldn't really offer me an opinion, not having attended the prior birth. BUT, she told me that my midwives can refer me to the specialist I heard about. Also, she is just so non-judgmental, I really like her a lot.

While waiting for her, Kes started out okay and then turned into horrid putrid demon spawn after about ten minutes! The multitudes of Italian grannies that were there tried to help entertain her, which was great, in between offerings like, "she don't needa that" (her soother), "it's nap time?" and "I remember the terrible twos!" That's what I like about these ladies - no minced words - just call it how you see it! You can't get offended, they're just way too cute! By the way Grannies: you cannot undo two years of soother usage in 2 minutes! Just a comment!

But it was exhausting and by the time I caught the bus home with her, I was bagged. However, because Kes had missed her nap (I had timed the visit badly), she had now reached her second wind and was switched on full!

I still managed to make dinner, if you can call it that! It consisted of frozen Swedish meatballs (not IKEA, sorry), Rice-a-Roni (fried rice flavour) and salad. These days, if I can microwave it, we get to eat!

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