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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What is a Sister?

So for those people who read this sad little blog and don't know me that well, I have several t.v. shows that I enjoy watching immensely. The majority of them are (or were) about women who kick butt. For example, two that I really liked and are now over were Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dark Angel. Two of my current favorites are Charmed and Alias.

Showcase Diva just recently got the rights to the third season of Charmed, which is great because I've seen every episode of the first two seasons at least twelve times. So the first few episodes have run and while I was watching it this morning, it suddenly occurred to me why this particular show appeals to me so much. Aside from my attraction to the mystic, I realized that it is the sisterhood that really draws me to the show. I am as close to (if not closer) my own sister (my twin, actually) as the characters in this show are and as I watched them mourn the loss of one sister and welcome another, I FELT it. I know that without my beautiful sister in my life I would be nothing. I should confess that I also have a younger sister (18 years my junior) - but the age gap is quite large and creates problems and I find I often have difficulty including her as a sibling in my mind, never mind my life. My twin has always been the world to me. I have said that if I had to choose between saving her and saving my spouse, I would choose her - because I can get another husband. I would never be able to replace her. That sounds hideous I know, and of course I hope to never ever be in that position. I love my husband dearly.

In the past I had always felt a little sad for girls that did not have a sister, but in truth not all sisters get along that well. I feel that if you can find a girlfriend who embodies the qualities of a sister, then that is the next best thing. And I realized that I have someone like that in my life. Her name is Laura. I can honestly say that I have never had a girlfriend as close as her. Sure I have had people in my life that I consider(ed) close friends, good friends and indeed even best friends - but Laura crosses that line into sisterhood and I am so grateful for her! She is one person I look forward to seeing always - as much as my own sister. We have similarities that my twin and I do not have. We have an interest in writing and creating, we are both computer nerds (her more than me, tee hee!), we have similar viewpoints. The list goes on. In fact, it comes to me that she gives to me what my sister cannot.

And I couldn't ask for anything sweeter.

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