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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bedtime Antics

My mornings generally consist of me coming downstairs with the two kids and then yelling at Kes the whole time to stop bugging Hayden. This morning was a bit different, although I am doing that now.

We seem to have made a backward slide in bedtime with Kes and it has been quite painful. Doug gets her off to bed and then when I come upstairs to get Hayden settled, she comes into my room and becomes this little terror child. Admittedly I have let her sleep with me a couple of times because of the heat in her room (we have the air conditioner), but I do not want this to become a pattern. So it has become this cycle of her saying she doesn't want something, then she wants it, then she screams, then she sobs, and so on. The last couple of nights I have not had the patience and have let her scream in her room. Last night we were headed down that path and then I had an attack of guilt and thought that maybe positive reinforcement might work better. So Hayden got to hang out in his crib watching his mobile while I cuddled Kes in her room and told her that it makes me happy when she sleeps in her big girl bed. She resisted for awhile until I promised her that she could have hot chocolate the next morning if she stayed in her room. Bribery works every time!

I was extremely tired because I had drank some blush wine and it had a bad affect on me. It made me very groggy, very grumpy and in the night I got a wicked headache and was wheezing. Most likely it had sulfites in it. Hayden was pretty good and he even slept in a bit this morning so that Kes and I could come down and do the hot chocolate routine.

Funny tale: Last night we went out to White Spot for dinner (woo hoo) and when I got my iced tea I went to squeeze my lemon into it. It promptly snapped in half and went flying. When the waitress returned to take our orders, Kes said: "Can you get Mommy another lemon? Hers broke and fell on the seat!" The waitress fell instantly in love with her and proceeded to bring us a plate of lemons, a pitcher of iced tea and when she brought Kestrel's ice cream from her "Pirate Pak", she had put whipped cream and two gold chocolate coins on it! Hilarious!

We did a little shopping and got a new digital camera (finally!) and went home. By that time I was getting quite uncomfortable because of my cervix situation. I am hoping the midwives can see me soon because I need to get this resolved.

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