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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Burn Baby Burn!

The picnic in the park went well yesterday and only one person that I had invited did not come. The weather could not have been more perfect - just the right temperature and there was adequate shade, which was cool. Unfortunately, I am a very bad mommy and did not get sunscreen onto Kes quickly enough and she was fairly burnt. Even Hayden had sun on his face and he was never even in the sun. So I guess it is true about the shade too - that the UV rays can penetrate it and still burn you. We put cream all over Kes and she is much better today.

Last night while I was giving her a bath, she jumped up suddenly and informed me she had to go poo. Before I could even react: "kerplunk"! But because it seemed to have caught her by surprise, I wasn't mad and she did finish off on the toilet. But, sigh, I love scooping poop out of the bath!

She was fairly needy last night and I think that was too much sun having its affect. I ended up letting her cry for awhile until she settled down. Even hayden seemed restless. Perhaps it was too much outdoors, too? Yesterday was like, Kestrel's perfect day. We NEVER stay at the park that long - my usual tolerance is a half hour and we were there for HOURS!

It was nice to see my sister again before she goes home, but as it turns out she will be here another week - yay! Apparently her husband has been doing some house renovations while they've been away and it would be easier to finish them before everyone returns home. Lucky for me!

Well, I am bagged as usual and it is barely 8:00am. Think I will lay low today.

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