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Monday, August 22, 2005

A Busy Day

Well busy busy day! I once again dragged myself downstairs with both of the little ones and was not impressed. Seems I have to get out of bed earlier and earlier every morning.

My back has been trashed for ages and my right arm has been falling asleep, so I put in a desperate plea to my chiropractor to see me today. He fixed me all up and I feel much better. Hannah and I spent most of the day downtown and even popped in to the office for a bit. It was good to see everybody and even better to LEAVE!

Hayden was a good boy today and I barely know he is around, which is great! I am getting Nahar to babysit him on Friday for about three hours! HURRAY!! Actual time to myself! It's funny, where Laura is sad because she will miss Keira - I am rejoicing for a few minutes to myself. It's probably because he is number three. I think I felt pretty much that way when Hannah was a baby - never wanted her out of my sight. But oh sweet, sweet time to myself - I dream of thee!

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