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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Weekend in Brief

So Friday went really well, albeit very quickly. I dropped Hayden off with nary a twinge of anxiety and Cath and I left. We started at Starbucks and Chapters (they're joined). We looked around at Chapters for quite awhile then headed into the mall. Basically we just wandered around, enjoying our freedom and then all too soon, it was over. We got lots of talking done, too - which doesn't happen so easily with all of the kids around.

Saturday Laura came and got myself and the kids and we went out to Alyssa's birthday party. There was a bouncy castle, face painting and balloon twisting. Lots of munchies and toys for the kids to play with. Kes was very well behaved and Hayden was good, too.

Today Doug and I had a big freakin' fight and now I am so depressed I could die. As usual, we resolved nothing and both are still feeling the same: unappreciated, misunderstood, tired, sick. I need to brainstorm to figure out what to do. My overwhelming guilt is eating at me day by day. How can I be so miserable when I have everything I want? What an ungrateful bitch.

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