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Friday, August 26, 2005

Freedom '05

I'm a little bit giddy today. Today is the day I drop off not only Kes, but Hayden as well at daycare so I can spend a beautiful uninterrupted THREE WHOLE HOURS with my twin Cathy. It's been a wacky road to get here and yesterday I thought it was all falling apart, so I was practically hyperventilating - but all is okay and the planets even seem aligned since I was able to get up and wash my face and go downstairs for about 20 minutes BY MYSELF.

I got my hair cut yesterday and I look a little bit like Jaclyn Smith. And that's a good thing because I always thought she was the best "Angel" anyway. I was really trepidatious about getting bangs cut in, but they look great. And I feel sexy.

I really feel like I have been losing inches because I am noticing some of my pants are starting to look baggy. I checked my weight at the midwives yesterday and it is still the same, but I feel lighter, too. The visit went fine and I just need to set up some appointments for Physio at Women's to deal with the cervical thing.

My allergies have taken off again for some unknown reason and I am quite miserable. I caved today and not only put in allergy eyedrops, but took an aintihistamine. I figure ONE won't dry my milk up. I just don't want to rub my eyes anymore - they're killing me!

Hayden had a pretty good night last night - the two previous weren't that good, so I was relieved. He did two four hour stretches and that felt good. He has a new cry which I am less than thrilled about. It's the "GODAMNIT WHY IS THERE NOT A BOOB IN MY MOUTH THIS SECOND AND NOW YOU HAVE PISSED ME OFF" cry. It's really quite ugly.

I can't wait for my fun day! Yippee!

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