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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Boots and Bar!

Got to Children's today and was told that since Hayden's skin was all crappy again after only one week in casts, that we were going to try the boots and bar! I was pretty excited! We got the right one on okay but he was none to pleased about getting the left one on as his foot doesn't really bend and he technically doesn't have a heel yet. Nevertheless, he calmed down and we went on our merry way. I went downtown to do a couple of things and he was fussy on and off. When I got home I realized that it was because he had basically kicked the boots off already. And let me tell you - it takes at least two people to get them back on. He was beside himself after I tried for half an hour. I called Doug in tears of frustration and disappointment.

I finally nursed him to sleep, all the while massaging his left foot and while he slept, I mananged to get it back on. He slept for quite a while and when he woke up, he had kicked them off again! I switched socks this time to something a little thinner and seemed to get them on even better this time. He laid next to me on the couch as I ate dinner and kicked his legs and "talked". I nursed him again and as I type this, he is asleep in his crib! He even slept through Kestrel's very noisy bath with her Dad attending!

I have even managed to get some fabric washed in anticipation of tomorrow when Alawna comes to help out! My goals are to finish the bumper pad (hand-sewing only - I am now panicked to get it done because he has a metal bar to crash against the sides of the crib), and to get several pairs of pants cut out. Incidentally, as an extension of my blanket business, which is called "le petit monde baby covers", I am calling the pants "le petite monde cast covers". I hope I get enough interest in them and that they work out!

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