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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Frustration and Despair, Mixed With a Little Hope

So Hayden slept until about 11:00 last night in his crib before he joined me (Doug wasn't there yet). He nursed and went back to sleep. Got up around 5 to change his bum and then at 6 realized that he had kicked the shoes off again. Doug and I struggled to put them back on and by that time he was totally pissed and I got up with him.

He was pretty good for most of the morning. I was told by Doug (at the very last possible moment) that I'd have to take Kes to daycare because he had to leave early. Great. That now meant that I had to get myself, Hayden AND Kes dressed and ready to go out. It went okay and I managed to get a few things cut out before Alawna arrived. Even got some laundry started for myself as I am severely low on clothes.

Alwana came and I got more pants cut out (6 altogether), all of my laundry done and we even walked down to the post office to pick up a package I had there. I let her go around three.

Hayden has kicked off the boots at least six times now and I am thinking that he should just go back into casts until he has more of a heel. If his foot was fitting into the boot properly, I could handle the screaming because I would know that he was just choked about his feet being further restrained. But since I know his feet aren't going all the way in, I am worried that he is crying out of pain. I have to go up to the hospital tomorrow for myself and maybe I'll drop by and see who is there.

Since about 5 he's been pretty fussy and wants to be held, which foils any plans I may have had towards making dinner. Hannah is off with her friend and I have both the kids and it JUST. AIN'T. POSSIBLE.

I'm hoping for another good night though because they've been going well.

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