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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Doin' Time at the Hospital

Woke up this morning after a relatively good night and thought "is Hayden kicking his foot?" YEP - he had managed to free his right foot AGAIN. I think that was now escape number 8 or 9 and who knows when it happened and how long the boot was off because the foot closest to me was still in the boot. Anyway, took the other boot off, got up, changed him and went downstairs. Did his foot stretches and put the boots back on, still uncertain they were on right and decided with Doug to take him over to Children's after my appointment at Women's Health Centre.

Rode in my very first electric car (cab) there, which was a neat experience. It was really quiet!

I had to watch an incredibly corny movie when I got to my appointment about bladder incontinence. It was one of those ones with really goofy actors trying to emote to a voice-over. In addition to that, there was a part with the cross-section animated diagram of which muscles should move when you do the Kegel exercises. Then it switched to what happens when a man tries to "stop the flow of urine" and incidentally, your penis should move slightly when you do them, guys! I think I actually laughed out loud at that one!

When I met Penny, the physiotherapist - I told her that I had not filled out the "bladder diary" because that really wasn't my problem and we went from there. She was really sweet - Hayden was an angel, and other than having to do crotch exercises with the finger of a complete stranger up my hoo-hoo, it all went well.

I headed over to Children's and called Doug, who was on his way. Waited three hours for Dr. Alvarez and finally she sent over someone else (a really cute Aussie doctor) and Hayden was re-casted. He was not impressed.

Came home and he slept for a long time, so I was able to finish the hand-sewing on the bumper pad.

Peace has been restored. I have this feeling that half my life will be spent at the hospital for the next year! Crazy.

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