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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sleep and Such

So once again my theory of Hayden sleeping more during the day means a better night, rings true. Yesterday he had gotten a lot of sleep and then proceeded to spend a glorious six hours in his crib last night. When he joined us around 4am, he nursed and went back to sleep. He might have nursed one more time after that, but I awoke at 7:30 feeling somewhat refreshed! Sweet!

Had lunch with Karen today at Red Robin - Buzzard Wings - Yummy! Then had a visit with Sheri later in the afternoon, which was really nice.

Managed to get the patterns traced for my specialty pants and am feeling really good about getting some actual sewing done this week when Alawna comes on Wed./Thurs.

Tomorrow is cast day, so am bracing for it, but Hayden has gotten a lot of sleep again today, so I am expecting another good night. Yes!

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