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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The New Van

So Doug picked up the new van yesterday and we all went for a drive to Squamish. Hayden was none too thrilled about being in the carseat for so long, but other than that, the ride went fine and we adore the new wheels.

I took it out to Pitt Meadows today to go shopping. I like to go to the new Superstore there because it is quite quiet there. This was my very first excursion with both the little kids and all in all it went quite well. Hayden got fussy because he wanted to eat and by the time I got out to the van, he was purple with rage. But I nursed him and he settled and all was well. And I bought a nifty little item there that they were promoting to raise money for charity. For $1 you get a little keychain that has a smallish silver looking loonie type charm. Never again will I have to bum a dollar to get my cart - all I need to use is this - woo hoo!

After that I went to my mom's and hung out for several hours. Kes had so much fun in their back yard running around with the dogs and playing on the swing set. It was nice not to have to watch over her like a hawk and I think she really appreciated not having her dad breathing down her neck the whole time "just in case". Hayden slept on Jennifer and was pretty zonked. The ride home was smooth, although I seem to have noticed a propensity with the other drivers for tailgating the van? Is this some strange phenomenon I don't know about?

My mom gave me some fabric and patterns so I can get started on my pants and I am way excited about it! Untold millions, here I come (ha ha!)

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