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Friday, September 09, 2005


So last night was a wee bit better, although Hayden was still fussy due to the fact that I had ingested licorice. (Yes black, people, because the red stuff is not really LICORICE!) So he was generally farty and cranky and I arose at 6-ish because I had to get myself ready to go out anyway because I had a breakfast date.

I was meeting my girlfriend Sarah with her bee-yootiful little boy Tristan in Kerrisdale. It is now my lifelong goal to live in that area. Not only is it serene, has fabulous shopping and tree-lined streets, there is a considerable reduction of the rudeness I have been noticing is rampant in this fair city. This is largely due to the fact that there is a high elderly population living in Kerrisdale that were raised with MANNERS and respect for others. I've never been smiled at, waved, stepped out of the way for and thanked so many times. I was starting to think that maybe I was in the Twilight Zone. I felt totally removed from my zone of dwelling and it felt good. Not only that, I was informed that in Kerrisdale when a street person started begging at the local Starbuck's, the police were called and he was TICKETED. When a DISGUSTING, SMELLY, INEBRIATED BUM passed out on our FRONT DECK - he was given a bus ticket and shooed away. I shake my head in wonder.

This has probably been my toughest week with Hayden and he really has not been himself. He has been fussy every day and I am now accustomed to a GOOD BABY and have been flummoxed a few times on what to do with him. So I have resorted to my old knee-jerk reaction - nursing. Hey, whatever works and he ain't complaining when I'm whipping out the bar every hour. Happy hour all day - WHEEE!

Tomorrow is Doug's 45th birthday!! I'm married to an old fogey - ha ha! I am hoping our brand spankin' new van will arrive in time. ETA was estimated for this weekend, so we'll see! I got him some skookum skin care at Holt Renfrew and some Hermes cologne. SOMEONE in this house has to have SOMETHING Hermes, dammit! I may try to make him breakfast too! We'll just have to see how motivated I am.

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